18 Jun 2021

Activities – Back On Campus! (II)

Following our previous update on Debate Club and Kids4Kids Club, we are bringing more updates from three other activities this week.

Sam Hui (11W) said, “We are incredibly grateful to be able to host sessions on campus and look forward to continuing activities after the summer break. Through Island School’s enriching extracurricular programme, we hope that students have become confident and happier.”

History Club

History Club’s session on Monday, 24th May 2021, focused on racism and the civil rights movement. Students learned about African American history in fighting for equality while finding links between the past civil rights movement and current social issues. They then investigated the Montgomery Bus Boycott and relevant social issues in further detail and produced research essays justifying the historical significance of their chosen events.

Kin Ching Ip (10N), History Club leader, said, “History Club creates a platform for history-lovers to meet others of similar interests. During the session, students engaged in conversation and debates with others. I was glad to see that students enjoyed the session.”

Hailey Lau (10N), History Club leader, also believed that getting back in person enabled them to establish better communication.

The club is led by: Mr. Siu, Kin Ching Ip (10N), Hailey Lau (10N)

Volleyball Club

Students in the Volleyball Club engaged with coaches who delivered technique-based sessions. For example, the session on Wednesday 26th May, focused on various volleyball techniques such as digging and setting.

Chloe Tam (7E) said, “I loved participating in this activity! The coaches were friendly, and every single lesson was enjoyable. This club helped me make new friends and boosted my confidence.”

Taiyeb Ebrahim (7E) said, “We were all a bit nervous yet excited to learn volleyball. We’ve enjoyed this ECA because we could do it with our friends and also because we loved playing volleyball.”

The club is led by: Mr Siu, Rock, and Cole (Instructors from Sports)

Badminton Club

Badminton Club is held every Monday in the hall. During the sessions, students took turns playing on the court, some people learned and practiced how to serve, and others went to the side to play their own mini-games with their friends.

Chloe Lee (8F) said, “It was an enjoyable and fruitful experience. We played with four people on the court. If someone misses or gets hit out, they’d have to leave the court and line up again.”

The club is led by: Ms Lee and Mr Rutter