11 Jun 2021

Activities – Back On Campus! (I)

 From 24th May 2021 – onsite activities were rebooted, after almost a year of online alternatives.   Everyday a variety of activities are happening around the campuses (in a safe and socially distanced manner).

Head of Activities & Inter-House Sport, Mr. Darren Siu said, “Enthusiasm, smiles, laughter and endless discussions are  common scenes around campus.”

“The extracurricular programme is an integral part of the development of all students. We see students becoming more confident and happier through the diverse and rich experiences on offer.

Students learn how to work collaboratively through being part of a team, whether it is a sports team, debating team, or playing in an orchestra etc. They learn about commitment and responsibility to themselves and one another.”

Two activities have been featured.

Debate Club

Debate Club held its first in-person session on Monday 7th June 2021. The session focused on providing students with the opportunity to take part in some real-life debating, putting all the skills they have developed over the past weeks into practice. Excited to meet their peers in person, students explored the motion,  “This House Believes – developed countries should not accept skilled migrants from developing countries.” After delivering their speeches they received feedback from the activity leaders.

The club is led by: Mr Danny Nason, Grace Zheng (12F), Sam Hui (11W), and Charlie Lam (11E).

Kids4Kids Club

The first Kids4Kids Club session, on Wednesday 9th June 2021, focused on brainstorming and reflecting on the team’s experiences in the Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Programme, as well as introducing students to other projects NGO Kids4Kids leads.

The club is led by Mr Ross Burrough, Megan Wong (13F), Sam Hui (11W), Charlie Lam (11E), and Hailey Lau (10N),

What the Activity Leaders Say:

Sam Hui (11W), Debate Club and Kids4Kids Club leader said, “We really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and running activities in person! A massive thank you to our teachers, advisers and students for consistently making our club experiences – no matter online or in-person – transformational. We really enjoyed this week’s sessions and can’t wait to meet everyone again soon.”

Mr Darren Siu, Head of Activities & Inter-House Sport said, “The atmosphere after school has been buzzing with energy and excitement, with many students participating in a variety of activities. I hope students have enjoyed the sessions, developed new skills and had opportunities to interact with their friends.”