24 Nov 2017

 Students’ Space Odyssey with Professor Brian Cox

At the Royal Geographical Society’s 21st anniversary dinner Professor Brian Cox told students about the wonders of the universe and the realities of living on Mars.

Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester, Cox, regularly appears on TV and radio and has authored a series of popular science books including: ‘The Quantum Universe’, ‘Wonders of Life’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’.

Student Rohan Daswani said: ““This experience really captivated me and sparked my love of Physics. The lecture was thrilling and Prof. Cox was able to explain the most perplexing theories with such simplicity and detail in a short period of time.”

“I really liked the analogy he made which compared us to atoms contemplating other atoms in the respect of galaxies in the universe. Prof. Cox talked about how large matter bends the space-time continuum and the likelihood of life on other planets. I asked him about antimatter and life on galaxies which were made up of antimatter. This is something that is still being researched. All in all, I was really blown away by this lecture.”

Teacher of Science Mr Pak Chan said; “I invited students to listen to Professor Brian Cox because he is such an inspirational figure in his field. He is popularising astronomy the way Sir. David Attenborough did for biology. It was an outstanding presentation and from speaking to the students afterwards, they were all inspired and excited! I was delighted that some of them had the initiative to ask him some questions!”