24 Nov 2017

Growing up Online Understanding the Culture & Safeguarding our Children

An Parent Focus Evening.

The culture of online living – learning, interacting, socializing – is, to a greater or lesser extent, very real for all of our students. Doors are opened to new ideas and experiences in very positive ways. Yet, equally, the compulsive and permanent nature of social media can put children (and adults alike) in vulnerable situations.

Our children’s experience of adolescence can seem far removed from our own and so can be difficult for us to keep up with or comprehend. On the 28th November, through discussion and presentations, we will therefore focus on:

  • Adolescents’ lives online, including sexting and the ‘culture’ that prevails around this
  • How, as adults, we can better safeguard our children: (a) being better informed (b) monitoring online access and behaviours…without compromising relationships

The session will be led by Jenny Hodson (Vice Principal), with guest presenters including John Shanahan (Psychologist specializing in Children and Adolescents) and Island School students.

Please join us!

  • To confirm your attendance, please email chloe.leung@online.island.edu.hk by Friday 24th November and indicate which year group your child is in.
  • If you have a particular question or issue you would like to have addressed on the evening, please include this in your confirmation email
  • This is an event for parents not students

Location: School Hall
Date: 6.30-7.30pm
Time: Tuesday 28th November