24 Nov 2017

Message From The Principal, 24 Nov 2017

Dear parents and care givers

Island School has been very different this week. It was obvious that students returned from Quest Week with a different outlook on themselves, their studies and our school.

It is well understood by my colleagues and I that some of the major developmental breakthroughs which enable our young people to achieve their potential, come from activities which occur outside of classrooms.

I had the pleasure of attending Year 7 camp and I would be very surprised if parents of these students did not notice a significant difference in their children upon their return.

The camp challenged them, physically and emotionally and required them to master many new skills and in doing so they learnt much about themselves.

The work of the prefects and the teachers on this camp was first class and was instrumental in building the support and environment necessary for young people to take risks and deal with some of the hardships associated with being away from home.

The students literally grew before my eyes and I was especially excited knowing that this was being replicated in many different settings across all the year levels.

It was clear to me this week that using this measure Quest Week was a huge success. Thank you for your continued support on this important Island School activity.

Warm regards