24 Nov 2017

Glenealy students get powered up at Island School.

In two pop-up Science lessons hosted by Island School, Year 6 students, used Bunsen burners and the Van de Graaff generator to learn about energy in the lab. Science Teachers, Mrs. Fiona Wightman and Ms. Eva Lee told students about the importance of safety in the lab and kitted out students (who had brought their own lab coats) in protective goggles before showing them how to safely light a Bunsen burner and record the temperature of melting ice.

Mr. Paul Bayne showed students the mechanics and the energy transfers involved in a model steam engine and had fun with static electricity generated by the Van de Graaff generator, it was a hair-raising experience for some.  Mr Jon Clarke carried out an investigation into the energy stored in mini-catapults using rubber bands.

Principal Stephen Loggie said: “I was very impressed with the maturity and enthusiasm of students today. We value our partnership with the Glenealy school community and  we are looking forward to further engagements this school year.”