15 Jan 2019

Student Awards and Achievements

Marcus Pun (9D) competed in the ISSFHK Fencing competition and got a medal, he also received one last term in the HKSSF Fencing Competition.

At the Canadian Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Competition organized by the University of Waterloo in November the following students scored within the top 25% of all international participants and are awarded a Distinction certificate:

Senior: Matthew Ling, Sotaro Ogawa, Anthony Leung, Angie Wong, Alice Zhang and Priscilla Lee

Intermediate: Karen Orito, Issac Chan, Xue Lei Peng, Bridgette Kim, Yu Hang Hui

Matthew Ling and Karen Orito are the school winners of the respective section. They were awarded a medal for their outstanding achievement as well.
This is a two-hour examination which requires full solution on top of correct numerical answers

Congratulations to the following merit awardees!

Vaibhavi Palshektar 7E, Bronze Award

Dorottya Papp 7N, Bronze Award

Katie Lim 7N, Bronze Award

Felix Zhang 7N, Bronze Award

Nadia Li 7N, Bronze Award