11 Jan 2019

Message From The Principal, 11 Jan 2019

I’ve long held the belief that resilience is a critical character strength and that adversity and change is a true test of resilience. It has been wonderful being part of Island School this week and watching the students and teachers return to the routines that play such a pivotal role in the ongoing success of our great school.

For those who were in the school this week you would have observed students who were both focused on their learning and yet relaxed in their new surroundings. This is truly remarkable and reminds us all of the tremendous student body we have at Island School.

One of the key ingredients of this success has been the inspirational leadership provided by the students themselves. The head students, student council, student union and ambassadors provide the fibre that makes Island School unique.

Last term we identified the new student union leaders and next week we kick off the process for identifying the next group of head students.

This process will start with Mr Chan explaining the selection process and the current head students outlining the role and workloads associated with the positions.

As the chair of the selection process I will also share my view on leadership and what the panel will look for in identifying the successful candidates so as they will understand how their predecessors have helped shape the values and traditions which define our school today.

I ask Year 12 parents to discuss their child’s possible candidature. I look forward to keeping you informed of the outcome in the near future.