11 Jan 2019

Well-Wishing Ceremony Starts Demolition at Borrett Road

ESF Directors, Island School’s Principal, Stephen Loggie, students, construction managers and key representatives gathered at the Borrett Road campus for a well-wishing ceremony to kick-off the construction works of the redevelopment project on 9 January, 2019. 

The well-wishing (bai-shen) ceremony, a traditional Chinese custom, is held before commencing building works, so that the project might run smoothly. The ceremony included incense burning and the sharing of a roasted suckling pig.

Year 7 student, Andrew commented, “I feel very excited about having a shiny new school in 2022 – it means we will have more space to play around!”

Mr John Stewart, ESF Director of Facilities said, “Having this [ceremony] is a significant part to commencing a large scale project like ours. Wishing in good luck and prosperity at the site is so important for the entire team. I am privileged to be working with such a great group of people and wish us all every success in delivering a world class facility for Island School and ESF.”

The redevelopment is expected to be a 4-year project, with Island School returning to Borrett Road in August 2022.

The ceremony was followed by a town hall style meeting with more than 30 neighbours attending. At the meeting, held at Carmel School’s hall, project managers of the appointed contractors and the ESF team explained the redevelopment, the possible impact for Borrett Road residence and the mitigation measures being put in place.

“One of our commitments (throughout the project) is to be a good neighbour. We want to be transparent and by holding meetings like this, we can understand and listen to our neighbours.” said Mr Rob Shorthouse, Director of Communications of ESF.