21 Apr 2016

Spring Fair, Curries Cakes and Culture

The Spring Cultural Fair saw the whole of the Island School community coming together for an evening of; food, fun and philanthropy, on 15th April 2016, in this student led event.

Families that share cultural heritage teamed-up to cook their nation’s much loved dishes including; Korean guksu (noodles) Argentinian empanadas (savory pastries) and Finnish munavoi (egg butter).

In the Library Teacher of Japanese Madoka Rei and team organised a tea ceremony and kimono dressing.  The teachers of Chinese held calligraphy, and panda painting workshops and in a drama room the Years 7 performed the Lorax.

The Master Chef finals also took place with students creating fusion dishes for the judges. See the Island School website (>IS News) for more details on this.

In the Sports Hall students performed songs and dances all evening as visitors tucked into curries and cakes.

Head of English Beth Hall (who sits on the Fair committee) said; “Thank you to everyone who came along to support the fair on Friday night. There are lots of people to thank who made the Fair a success including Site Manager Tony Chan and his team but three students should be congratulated on their leadership, Year 12, Niamh Neville, Constance Chu and Jenny Kang.”

Valerie Gorissen-Pijpers, parent and one of the Fair organizers said; “It is great working with the students. They have great ideas which they bring to life, such as making hundreds of multi coloured birds to hang in the entrance hall way, or scheduling three and a half hours of live acts.”

“I and the Fair committee would like to thank everyone for their hard work and for supporting this event.”

At the time of writing a total of $92,000 has been raised but the sum total is still being calculated.

The money raised from the Spring Fair is used in two ways; for the Nicola Myer & Kenneth McBride fund which supports individuals from local schools and for purchasing extra learning resources at Island School.