21 Apr 2016

Victoria, Year 7, wins Hong Kong Creative Writing Festival

Victoria Montinola (7N) has won the 1st Annual Hong Kong Creative Writing Festival competition. Her story titled ‘Allegro Siege’  impressed the judging panel made up of authors and publishers.MONTINOLA, Victoria

All the contestants chose one of six photos and then had two hours to write a story about the image. Victoria’s story was set in a dystopian period of war between world powers, the story is about family man Ted who is drafted into a war which he conscientiously objects to.  He is a dutiful citizen but an unwilling participant in the war, this is a story of Ted’s struggle with virtue and conflict, with a childhood memory that could possibly pave the way for unity.

The organization that ran the competition the Centre of Learning and Life Enhancement wrote to Victoria on Friday 15th April to let her know that she had won the 10-12 years age group, and that she will be receiving a trophy, winner’s certificate and $800 of Scholastic book vouchers.

Victoria said: “I love writing and this year I have been doing more and more short stories. When the letter came I think I was in shock because I was speechless for a while.”

Mr Montinola, Victoria’s father wrote to her teachers and said: “Thank you so much for supporting Victoria, and for giving her opportunities to grow.  Her year at Island school has been nothing short of amazing.  It really is the teachers and the community that make a school experience memorable.”