25 Apr 2016

Invitation, Young People and Drug Use: Prevention and Communication

Dear Year 9-13 Parents,

You are invited to attend a Parent Focus Evening run by the KELY Support Group (a charity that delivers information workshops) titled Young People and Drug Use: Prevention and Communication on Wednesday 4thMay 2016. This will take place from 6pm – 7.30pm in the Island School hall. Refreshments will be provided by the PTA from 5.30 onwards.

This interactive session will cover the latest drug trends in Hong Kong and give parents the facts about the drugs that are most commonly used by young people in the city. They will look at how to talk to young people about these issues and helpful responses to drug related questions and situations. There will be opportunities to ask questions.

KELY’s aim is for parents to have a better understanding of:

·  why and how young people might use drugs

·  myths and facts about commonly used drugs

·  communication strategies around drug use and related issues.

The talk will be delivered by Jenny Bate, Programme Manager at KELY, an experienced trainer/facilitator with a background in Health Promotion, who is also a parent herself.

Please note that members of the KELY Support team will be working with Year 9 students over the next couple of weeks, as part of their Wellbeing programme. Their workshops will be supported by work done within tutor groups.


To confirm your attendance at this event, please rsvp to rsvp@online.island.edu.hk Please complete and then copy the text below into your return email:

PARENTS NAME/ NAMES will attend the Young People and Drug Use: Prevention and Communication 6-7:30pm 4th May 2016 at Island School. My child is in Year __.

Kind Regards,
Jenny Hodson
Vice Principal