13 May 2022

Nature Photography Competition Results

During Green Week in March, WANBO held a nature photography competition, of which was judged by award-winning wildlife photographer James Gifford. There were a lot of amazing entries, and the winners are in! Thank you to everyone that participated, and the marvellous participants who won in their respective categories:


Winner – Cassandra Razon (7D)

Judge’s RemarkCassandra’s image was a winning combination of composition, exposure and perfect timing. Waiting until the sun was partly shielded by a cloud allowed her to capture the vibrant sunset colours, while the two tiny figures silhouetted in the distance against the clouds of mist added an element of scale which makes us look insignificant compared to Nature.

1st Runner Up – Cecilia Palomba (7N)

Judge’s RemarkBy using a fast shutter speed, Cecilia’s waterfall image successfully stops time for a millisecond while the rock in the foreground completes a great composition.

2nd Runner Up – Keira Holbourn (7R)

Judge’s Remark: Keira’s image was an original interpretation of a landscape, whose composition was fantastically evocative.

Living creatures 

Winner – Keira Holbourn (7R)

Judge’s RemarkThe winning image was a striking combination of colours and required a great deal of patience and skill to get a sharp subject that was also facing the camera.

1st Runner Up – Peter Wan (12R)

Judge’s RemarkThe runner up benefitted from a low angle, creating an intimate portrait of a household pet.


Winner – Rashida Ebrahim (10E)

Runner up – Peter Wan 12R

Judge’s Remark: Both images stood out because of their shallow depth of field which made their respective subjects stand out from their surroundings. By getting as close as possible to the subject Rashida’s image transported the viewer into an alternative vibrant, textural world with an original perspective that instantly grabs the viewer’s attention.

Congratulations to all the winners mentioned above! We hope everyone enjoyed this competition and had fun going outside taking photos. The WANBO team has lots to bring everyone and we hope everyone can look forward to more activities WANBO has planned. For more information on James Gifford, feel free to look at his website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email your campus WANBO leaders.

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Article written by the WANBO team