13 May 2022

Launch of Imaginings 2022 Resurgence

What does “Resurgence” mean? Students across all year groups all provided their own artistic interpretations of the theme in this year’s Imaginings magazine, Imaginings 2022 Resurgence.

Imaginings is Island School’s annual magazine which aims to highlight the artistic talents within Island School. With this year’s theme publicised in late 2021, students were given until February 2022 to express themselves creatively – all forms of art are included, such as but not limited to literary pieces, poetry, paintings, music, writing and photography – providing an interpretation of the theme.

This year’s edition, Imaginings 2022 Resurgence, contains over 50 shortlisted pieces from an assortment of pieces each providing a diverse interpretation of the theme, providing a great encapsulation of the Island School Spirit. In addition to the printed copies, an online edition of the collection can also be found on the Student Publications page here.

The Year 12 Heads of the magazine, Ady Lam (12E), Aoi Sakamoto (12N), Samrin Monami (12D) and Sam Hui (12W) said, “We are delighted to present to our community the latest edition of Imaginings. It would be an understatement to say that publishing this year’s edition was a challenge, with the onslaught of Omicron and the unfortunate resurgence of online learning. Despite these unforeseen circumstances, we worked tirelessly to create a magazine that best reflects Island School’s creativity, effort and imagination. Through the theme of ‘Resurgence’, we wanted to encourage everyone not to be disheartened during these periods of uncertainty and challenges with the appreciation that things will get better, and instead live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of our journeys.”

“We would also like to thank the whole Imaginings team for their unswerving diligence and efforts towards this project. We hope you enjoy reading this year’s Imaginings magazine and look forward to your continued support in the upcoming year!” added Sophie Luk (11N), Leia Pham (11D), Jasmine Yu (11F) and Hannah Lee (11R), the Year 11 Deputy Heads.

Ms Teri Eves, Deputy Head of English, commented, “Working with this wonderful team to celebrate and honour the creativity and artistry within our student body has been a shining light of this year.”

The Imaginings Editorial Team also ably supported the Heads in putting the magazine together. They were: Chianne Chung (10F), Christy Rusli (10R), Sophie Wong (10R), Joanna Jang (10W), Rachel Yoon (10W), Jerry Luo (11D), Tsz Yu Chan (11E), Ellie Ham (11R), Maisy Morgan (11N), Ginny Park (11W), and Yasmine Lunt (12E).

Article by The Imaginings team