26 Oct 2018

Model United Nations – delegates debate

At the MUN conference, held at HK International School, students attempted to stabilize the Afrin region, submitted a resolution on Rohingya refugee crisis and chaired the ECOSOC committee, from the 13th-14th of October.

Student delegates were divided into four committees: Security Council, Human Rights, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and General Assembly. Individually or in pairs, they made speeches, raised questions and formed alliances in response to other delegates’ speeches.

Jack Johnson MUM member explains more about the proceedings…

The Security Council had numerous attempts at fostering peace between Jasper Ma’s Syrian delegation and the other delegates, dealing with real world issues such as the attempt to stabilize the Afrin region through diplomatic discussion. Jude Binder’s France delegation was active within the committee and overturned many decisions that were deemed unfit for real world application.

Within the Human Rights committee, Chasya Cohen as the delegate of Vietnam submitted a resolution on the topic of the Rohingya refugee crisis and human trafficking in Southeast Asia.  Matthew Cheng’s Bangladesh delegation attempted to end the crisis throughout as they had direct involvement with the Rohingyan Crisis. However due to conflict between various country’s ideals, Matthew initiated many against speeches throughout.

One of the General Assembly’s most interesting topics was that of the peaceful use of outer space. Akshat Gupta, Julian Wong, Jonathan Ishak and  the double delegation of Sona and Grace participated throughout, detailing the implementation of an organisation dedicated to the monitoring of outer space.

I participated as chair of the ECOSOC committee, guiding many delegates who were generally new to MUN, as well as monitoring the conference’s continued debates.

The students who participated were Jude Binder 13W, Jack Johnson 12E, Jasper Ma 12E, Matthew Cheng 12R, Chasya Cohen 11N, Jonathan Ishak 10F, Julian Wong 10F, Grace Zheng 10F, Sona Suzuki 10W and Akshat Gupta 9R.