8 Mar 2019

Message From The Principal, 8 March 2019

Dear Parents,

A recent social media campaign has been encouraging students to attend a protest rally on Friday 15 March to garner attention to environmental issues.

As I’m sure your aware, Island School has a long and proud tradition of raising awareness about environmental issues and the students organise and conduct a multitude of actions over the course of a year, some of which include:-

  • Our Wanbo group who lead an ongoing initiative to reduce waste and raise awareness on environmental sustainability.
  • Quest Week service opportunities which focus action on resolving environmental issues both in Hong Kong and abroad.
  • Curriculum initiatives such as Global Awareness IGCSE and Solo E projects which provide students with the opportunity to study environmental issues in depth and challenge consumer behavior.

The school will not be organising excursions to the rally event. We have strict safety standards which simply cannot be met by an event of this nature. For families considering allowing their child to attend, I ask them to carefully consider the uncertainties around this event and the impact of a lack of adult supervision.

I would also ask that you are particularly diligent in letting us know if your child will be away that day. It will help us to ensure that students are complying with their parents’ wishes.

Our teachers will talk to the students, pointing out our position on this matter. They will also encourage them to redouble their support for environmental sustainability in our school, at home and for our planet.

Parent of Year 8-12 students please also be aware that the process for Quest Week 2019 has begun. Click here to see an important letter that was emailed to parents on 7 March 2019.