8 Mar 2019

Spirit Fund Supports Digital Theatre Resource

A subscription to ‘Digital Theatre.com’ means that Island School drama students can now access filmed live performances, interviews with production teams, directors and writers.

This educational resource includes links to key sections of specific IB and BTEC courses including information on World Theatre traditions and modern theatre alike. Head of Drama Sophie Welsh said, “The platform is a rich source of inspiration, critical for all iGCSE and post-16 courses.”

It packages theatrical productions so that students might better understand the intention of a play and how they are put together. These include not only the filmed live play but interviews with directors and writers, reviews, assignments, essay questions and tasks.

IB Drama student Yunah Frank explained one way she used Digital Theatre.com, “It is an amazing source of inspiration and it has really broaden my horizons. I would like to watch more live theater but sometimes the plays we are studying are not showing in Hong Kong. So we can use Digital Theatre – there are so many [plays]!”

“I watched ‘Things I Know To Be True” and analyzed it closely. I could rewind and watch sections of the production again, then I tried to replicate the skills of the professional actors in my own performances.”

Digital Theatre.com is a learning resource that is available to students because of the Island School community’s support of the Spirit Fund. You can support the Spirit Fund in several different ways, by offering your time, expertise, a donation or by simply coming to the Spring Fair on the 30 March at the Sha Tin Wai campus.