30 Aug 2018

Message From The Principal, 30 August 2018

One of the greatest advantages of sending young people to Island School is that our culture is inclusive and celebrating individuality is a core value.

Our House system and wellbeing programme gives our students the skills to enact our values, be active participants in their community and navigate some of the challenges that confront adolescents.

The topics covered through our wellbeing curriculum include:

  • Anti-bullying
  • Social Skills
  • Sexuality
  • Drugs and alcohol education
  • Dangerous behaviours and peer pressure
  • Study and self-management skills
  • Careers education

Our programmes are not restricted to the classroom and students apply these skills in day to day school life through:

  • Our Code of Behaviour which sets out high expectations for personal conduct
  • Student leadership programmes
  • Regular assemblies which explain these expectations and celebrate success
  • Community service opportunities
  • Special events such as Diwali and harmony day

This work is having a profound effect on daily school life. School surveying has consistently revealed that parents, students and teachers alike believe Island School is a very close knit community where students feel valued for who they are and encouraged to pursue their dreams.

Whenever I induct new students and families to our community I clearly articulate our core   values and ask them to commit to working with us in this integral area of work. I have been thrilled with the new students of this year and the contribution they are already making to our school community.