30 Aug 2018

Cool CAS – Students Commit to Making a Change

Charities and school societies explained to visitors at the CAS (Creativity, Activity Service) Fair on Tuesday 28 Aug how students can use their time to – make a difference!

Feeding Hong Kong, HK Shark Foundation and Green Monday were a few of the outside organizations that came to Island School to explain the different ways that students can support them. Among the many Island School groups was a new group called Community English. Over the past six months Community English has been meeting with Island School Tai Wai’s neighboring school Ng Yuk Secondary School and together they have been writing children’s stories which are now available in the school’s community library.

A popular choice among students is the 24 Hour Race a charity that raises money to stop human trafficking.

Colin Spanos TOK (theory of knowledge) and CAS coordinator said, “The fair let’s students know about the breadth of projects they can become involved with. We encourage students to make a commitment so that they might develop their leadership, team working and organisation skills.

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