30 Aug 2018

Alumni Share and Show-Off Skills in the Kitchen

The Food department had 4 alumni visitors who came to share and show-off their skills in the kitchen, on the 29 Aug 2018. Claudia Lau (Class of 2017, Rutherford) came to demonstrate her favourite cookie recipes to the Sweet Indulgence Elements class, during biscuit week. She is now studying Music at King’s College London.

Nitin Hranandani (Class of 2015) and Natalie Chan (Class of 2014), showed off the culinary skills they developed whilst at university and on work placement at 3 Michelin starred restaurants.

The Food department were also joined by Alvin Koo (Class of 2015), who visited the new Year 12 BTEC Hospitality class and will be returning next week to speak to the Year 13 Hospitality students, about his role as an event manager, whilst on work placement in New York.

If you are alumni and you would like to visit a class or an extra-curricula group because you would like to help please email, Vicky.hill@online.island.edu.hk