26 Jan 2018

Message From The Principal, 26 Jan 2018

Dear parents / care givers

This week the school has been abuzz with the business normally attributable to week 3 of term 2. Highlights of this week have been:-

  • Years 11 and 13 busily preparing for exams and developing course work
  • Year 12’s submitting application for head student positions
  • Sport teams busily training and competing
  • Wilberforce week and house gala night
  • Assemblies on both sites
  • Year 7 activity program
  • Parent consultations for Year 11 and 12

It has also been wonderful to see our students comfortable within the communities we are located in. The local residents have been both curious and friendly, the housing association very hospitable and the local council representatives have been proactive in helping us integrate.

Seeing is believing and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to our sites on 7th of February so you can see for yourself how well we’ve settled in.