26 Jan 2018

Year 9 Students Tell Us About Their New Campus

This week Year 9 students at Island School Tai Wai tell us about their new campus.

What is different about school in Tai Wai (compared to Borrett Road)?

 Student A, “Island School Tai Wai is a smaller building than Borrett Road, so it is more convenient to get around.”

“The WIFI is much faster here and the lights are more modern.”

Student C, “The school is smaller and easier to move around.”

Student B, “It’s quieter, cleaner and spacious, but I preferred the views from Borrett Road.”

Student A, “There are lots of sports facilities closer to school and, less people.”

What is better about school in Tai Wai?

Student B, “The school is smaller and the community is tight knit. We now have updated facilities and the building is safer.”

Student D, “The school is closer to my home, there is a MTR station nearby, I don’t have to catch the school bus. The Drama Room is cleaner and lockers are not inside the form rooms.”

Student A, “The transportation and the placement of the school are better for some students.”

 What would you like to change/ improve?

Student D, “Actually a private swimming pool would be nice.”

Student G, “The basketball court, make it as a full court and more types of cookies in the canteen.”

Student B, “I would like to have more cafeterias and more tables and chairs in front of the tuck shops.”

Student F, “I would like to change the netball hoops with basketball hoops. Also, I think the students should be allowed to use the lift.”

How do you travel to school and how long does it take?

Student B, “I take the school bus, it takes about 30-40 mins so no MTR or bus changes.”

Student A, “I travel to school by MTR and it takes 25 minutes to get to school.”

Student C, “I take the minibus, MTR, and walk to school, so I need about 40 minutes to get here.”

Student E, “I take the MTR to school which takes 30 mins, and spend 10 mins walking.”

Student F, “I walk to the MTR, take the Tuen Mun line then walk to school. It takes 42 minutes.”

Student G, “I travel by the school bus and it usually takes 20-25 minutes.”

Student H, “It takes 1h.10mins, I take 2 public buses from Discovery Bay. School bus is too expensive.”

Student I, “I take the bus 170, the bus stop is right next to my house in Causeway Bay. It takes 30 minutes.”

 Which place do you like most at the Tai Wai campus?

Student E, “I personally like the multi -purpose room and outdoor court as that is where we have PE and I like PE a lot.”

Student F, “I like my locker because now it’s at the top and it’s outside of the form rooms, so you don’t have to interrupt classes to get your stuff.”

Student A, “Form room, Food Tech room and the playground!”

Student G, “The classrooms because they’re more spacious and much neater.”

Student B, “I like the form room since it’s cleaner and looks nicer than the old campus rooms.”