26 Jan 2018

Top IGCSE Grades Achieved by Students

Top IGCSE grades were achieved by three Island School students this year. Cambridge Assessment the international examining board has awarded, Outstanding Cambridge Learners Awards to, Bakhita Fung, Nobel Chan and Eunice Tai after they all achieved the highest mark, in Hong Kong, in IGCSE exams.

Nobel, “I like the expression of freedom and creativity that you get with drama. It is not like other subjects were you have to sit down and learn stuff you are always on your feet, learning through action. One of the rules of drama is to never say no, you have to keep building on other peoples’ ideas so it is collaborative but you also have your own input.”

The students and the IGCSE subjects:
Bakthia Fung – Global perspectives
Nobel Chan – Drama
Eunice Tai – Chinese as a second language.

Principal Mr Loggie said, “These are exceptional students who have worked incredibly hard. They are tremendous role models to other students and a great inspiration to us all.”