1 Apr 2022

Message from the Head Students, 1 April 2022

Dear Island School,

Congratulations on making it through a tumultuous period of time! Despite being challenged by new experiences on Zoom, we managed to make the most of the past months and bring the Island School spirit online.

As one of our former Vice Principals, Mr Rappel, was fond of saying: We are Island School, we make things work. Indeed, we persevere, we adapt, we move forward, we experiment, we innovate, we excel, we embrace and we celebrate! During these last two months, we have been fully immersed in our diverse culture, celebrating Chinese New Year, Lent, Holi and now Easter.

Although the last time we met together physically was our Whole School Walk in January, the Island School community has continued to thrive. We have embraced responsibility in our Green Week operations to serve the needs of our planet. We have launched our student newspaper, Island Currents, to elevate the student’s voice. In Diversity Week, we have used arts and design to call for inclusion, and in Women’s Week, we have changed our House names to honour notable, deserving women and HERstories. We have also explored diverse global issues in Inter-House Debate, honing our debate and public speaking skills.

Throughout this term, we have developed focused strategies to tailor distance learning to benefit the student body. Liaising with a variety of leaders from the Student Advisors, Student Ambassadors and Thrive Ambassadors, we have been able to amplify student agency to garner comprehensive feedback. We can’t wait to put your ideas into action!

With the highly-anticipated move back to face-to-face learning, a wide range of opportunities await us in Term 3. One of these projects is currently active and will focus on celebrating our imminent return to Borrett Road. Interested students can join the initiatives detailed here on this link. We look forward to working with everyone on these projects!

Finally, we would like to wish everyone a happy spring break. As always, thank you for making every day a great day at Island School!


Angela, Charlie, Fiorelli, Sam