24 Mar 2022

B2B: Homeward Bound Celebrations

On Island School’s imminent return to Borrett Road, student leaders in Island School have been passionately involved in enhancing students’ experiences to ensure that this process is unlike any other.

One of these is the Back to Borrett (B2B) Celebrations Group, a student-led core initiative formed in Term 1 led by Mrs Vittachi, Mr Burrough, and Ms Eves. The Celebrations Group aims to simultaneously commemorate our transient time in Sha Tin and celebrate the return to Borrett Road, highlighting our unique school culture through various activities.

The long-term vision of this project is to enable student agency as a driving force for the new campus. Read on to find out more about the comprehensive range of opportunities provided for students and all community members to be a part of this exciting project. 

Arts & DEI Promenade – Commemorating Memories & Tales

Project Leaders: Trevor Chan (12F), Joseph Lau (12D), Sam Hui (12W), Yimo Yao (11E), Alex Sallustro (11F), Tammy Cheung (11E)

“The Arts Promenade is a chance for future students to look back on the experience and works in Sha Tin as a reflection of what we did. This includes individual communities within the school to create installations and live arts events, showcasing students’ intrinsic talents and abilities. In the next months, we will be launching various initiatives where we will be asking for your support, your families’ support, and your friends’ support. So it is an extremely exciting time to be in as a witness to Island School’s history in the making,” described Joseph Lau (12D).

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Community Engagement – Fostering Connections

Project Leaders: Sam Hui (12W), Joseph Lau (12D)

Sam Hui (12W) explained, “Since moving to Sha Tin, we have established strong links with the community. We have had the fantastic opportunity to work interdependently and synergistically with our neighbours on many occasions, forging memorable and enduring relationships. Our Community Engagement Programme will focus on celebrating the highlights of our stay here in Sha Tin and explaining the wide range of stories we as a community can delineate. This year’s celebration will indeed look slightly different due to our ongoing distance learning situation. Yet, with your engagement in these activities, we can retribute our fascinating community by delivering a package of programs to different stakeholders.

We look forward to working with the community in this monumental chapter of Island School!”

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Gardening & Environmental Tribute – Green Farewells

Project Leaders: Katrina Hon (10R), Alexandra Lai (10W)

Both student leaders said, “Gardening Tribute is a project under B2B Celebrations and is an initiative designed to show our gratitude towards communities in Sha Tin on a plot and remain temporarily even after the move back to Borrett Road. This is an opportunity for individuals to express and share their interest in gardening with peers as a whole. We hope you can join us and embark on this exciting journey!”

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Scrapbook – Amalgamating Experiences

Project Leaders: Chelsea Tse (12W), Abigail Ho (12R)

Chelsea Tse (12W), “To document our journey from Sha Tin back to Borrett Road, a scrapbook titled ‘Homeward Bound’ will be made with the profits donated to the Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries. We are also holding a competition for the front cover design of the scrapbook. Use the links below to submit your favourite photographs taken on the STW/TW campuses, and click here to submit your front cover design!”

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Virtual Tour – A New Sha Tin Perspective

Project Leader: Angela Chen (12D)

Angela Chen (12D), “Having spent most of our Island School years here in Sha Tin, we Islanders now consider our Sha Tin community the second home that spurred our growth. The B2B Virtual Tour Team wants to commemorate your journeys at Sha Tin with both depth and breadth, and we strive to do this authentically and engagingly. The virtual tour will be an interactive, immersive ‘walk’ down memory lane celebrating our life at Sha Tin. Built using 3D camera technology and virtual reality software, we want to highlight significant elements of our history and culture that matter to you, alongside your stories and memories. Please submit your thoughts via the Google Form linked here – we want to properly and fully celebrate your time here at Sha Tin.”

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* To clarify, the Virtual Tour will be an online showcase of Island School memories presented on the Island Currents platform, while the Arts & DEI Promenade will be a physical exhibition of student work in the new campus.


Next Steps

Mrs Mary Lacey-Vittachi, the Teacher Coordinator for B2B Celebrations, said, “It’s time to emerge into the next part of the Island School adventure from our cocoon.”

This is only Part 1 of our Back to Borrett: Homeward Bound journey. In June, more information about our final home trilogy will be shared – Part 2 focuses on the theme of “Home”.

Please choose the part you will play in the story by joining the respective groups using the Google Forms above. All students are encouraged to sign up!

Article by B2B Student Leadership Team