24 Mar 2022

Junior Phase merit winners, 25 March

This week we are celebrating further Platinum award winners Seung June Yoon (7F) and Joseph Chan (7W), an outstanding achievement at 75 merit awards to date. Mr Loggie will meet and present you with a special award as soon as we return to campus.

Congratulations to our Gold merit winners this week:

7D – Chloe Ling
7E – Tsz Kiu Chan
7F – Xavier Cox, Vihaan Ramchandani
7N – Cecilia Palomba, Sara Mills
8D – Hayley Chan, Martin Ngai
8F – Hannah Milner-Barry, Brigitte Wu, Lauren Ho, Hoi Ching Wong, Audrey Lo
8R – Eugenie Kim

Well done to the Silver merit winners as well.