26 Mar 2021

ISSU Music Competition Winners

Congratulations to the ISSU Music Competition winners! There were over 100 entries, showcasing a diverse range of performances and creative works.
Winners public vote: Five Guys – Anya Broad 12D, Shawn Chan 12N, Natasha Netz 12W, Johnathan Ishak 12F, Dou Kim 12F – Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra
Judges awards
SOLO – Henrietta Ho 7F – Waltz in E minor by Chopin
ENSEMBLE – Isabel Gregory and Lok Yi Ko 7N – When Will This End – original composition
CREATIVITY – Omeo Wong – 7D – Rondo for Flute and Piano – original composition
TECHNOLOGY – Moonrise – Andrew Chan – original composition
Commendations for outstanding achievement
Natalie Chow 7E
Cassius Whale 12N
Minnie Tse 12E
Click here to see all the ISSU Music Competition playlist.

Head of Music Mr Travers said, “A huge thank you to Prityush Jhaveri and the ISSU team who have worked tirelessly to bring this event to our students. This was a fantastic event – it bought the community together during a period of online learning.”

“Thank you and congratulations to all students who took the time and effort to prepare submissions. The musical talent within the school is outstanding and you should be very proud of yourselves – well done!”