26 Mar 2021

Students Review ESF’s Sustainability Strategy

A group of Island School students supported the ESF in updating and modifying its sustainability strategy.

Ethan Yap (12W), Kimberley Ng (12N), Sam Hui (11W) and Sean Lee (11N) took part in the Inter-School ESF Sustainability meeting on the 22nd March 2021. During the meeting, the students heard from the original developer of the strategy, Jane Chan, regarding the ESF’s involvement in environmental protection work. Students  then heard from Mr Stewart Redden, ESF Learning and Teaching Advisor, and together they  reviewed and discussed the strategy. The ESF will work with sustainability consultancy CKP  to share students’ feedback.

WANBO leader Sam Hui (11W) said, “It has been my absolute pleasure to be involved in such an activity. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, keeping up with this pace is significant for us as environmental ambassadors. We’ve achieved a major milestone in getting everyone united to combat one of Hong Kong’s greatest problems. I learnt a lot from this wonderful experience and I am looking forward to working with the team again in the future.”

“The importance of sustainability can’t be underestimated – it is closely linked to our education, wellbeing, and governance. This strategy endeavours to empower more students to take action, encourage leadership, enable personal growth and allow individuals to bring about a more sustainable future.” said WANBO leader Sean Lee (11N).

Ms Belinda Greer, Chief Executive Officer of ESF said, “This is a strategy to bring people together behind a common goal. It will ensure open communication about challenges and deliver a mechanism for people to find solutions. I am incredibly proud of all of the students who have been involved in this piece of work – and I am delighted to be able to endorse it on behalf of our entire organization.”