25 Mar 2021

Nostalgia, Sounds, Hoarding and Identity – The IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2021

“Nostalgia, Sounds, Hoarding and Identity” were some of the chosen themes set by the Year 13 IB Visual Arts students this year.

The exhibition, took place on 16 – 19th March, is a culmination of the two-year IB Diploma course and showcases the outstanding creativity of our IB/IBCP students.

Head of Visual Arts Helen Palmer remarked, “Under these extraordinary circumstances, they [the students] have demonstrated sheer determination and effort to overcome and adapted to different challenges. Well done Year 13 students – very proud of you all!”

Teachers and staff also commented:

“It has been a particularly taxing academic year for this cohort – months spent online and painting on the kitchen floor! The exhibition showcases just how fantastically talented and committed our students are; each bringing their own narratives, messages and concepts to life through their carefully curated body of work. Congratulations Year 13 artists!”

“Very powerful! Such emotion! Great work – really enjoyed it!”

“Wonderful display of talent ! Fantastic innovative ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed it . Very well done!”

Click below to watch the highlights of the exhibition.