22 Nov 2023

Island School Ambassadors

The Island School Ambassadors are an integral part of school life. They ensure that important events run smoothly and visitors feel welcome.
Ambassadors help in many ways: seating people at assemblies, welcoming visitors to campus, setting up for events and leading tours. They do this both during and after school. The ambassadors are an exceptional group of people – they are interested in others and understand what they need to do to create a welcoming school community. The school could not run without them. Last year was an important one in the school’s history with hundreds of people coming to campus including important dignitaries.
This week Mr Loggie acknowledged those ambassadors that have shown exceptional commitment to the role. Well done and thank you from everyone in the Island School community for going the extra mile.
Please see the list of the ambassadors below acknowledged for their commitment.
The students are:
Timothy Chan 11D
Chloe Wong 11D
Peony Chau 11N
Alisha Wong 9W
Samuel Lawrenson  9N
Jayden Chan 9F
Kaysan Rahman 11W
Muchan Kim 11R
Amber Chiao 9DT
Isabella Chow 11E
Hayley Chan 11N
Reagan Chan11R
Alysha Wong 9W
Zita Lok 11W