23 Nov 2023

AYP Expedition November 2023

On Tuesday 21st November, the AYP practice walk took place. This was the first AYP outing of the current school year. Students planned and followed their own routes using map and compass skills learnt during the AYP ECA sessions in school. In addition, they practised their camping skills, putting up tents and cooking a hot meal on a stove outdoors.
22 silver students in Year 12 followed routes within Tai Lam Country Park in the North-West New Territories. Around 40 students in Year 10 followed routes in Aberdeen Country Park on Hong Kong Island.
Hannah Lam in 12R said “Even though I previously did the bronze award, the first ascent we did was a shock to the system. After that, I got used to the physical effort again and enjoyed cooking linguine for my group’s lunch.”
The next AYP expedition will be an overnight expedition on 1st-2nd December.