21 Nov 2023

Sai Kung Stray Friends Quest Week

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A group of Y10 and Y11 students volunteered at Sai Kung Stray Friends during their Quest Week, and three students recall their experiences and the impact it has had on them.

“Sai Kung Stray Friends is amazingly run with the help of volunteers, who have a busy worklife but still find time to take care of the shelter dogs in need of help and care, out of pure compassion and kindness. It was an honourable experience to work alongside the volunteers of the shelter, to witness how they tend to dogs from a range of environments, some of which are unfortunately abusive and unsafe, without hesitating. 

I hope to be as big-hearted as the volunteers protecting the shelter dogs one day, and collaborating with them has been truly inspiring. I’m glad I was able to help out and provide my service to the sensitive shelter dogs to the best of my ability.

This kind of volunteer work may not be compatible with some people, which is understandable. But donating to the organisation does wonders! And I hope the funds we provided will lead to a more comfortable sanctuary for the doggies.”

Written by Jasmine Wong [10D]


“Our experience with Sai Kung Stray Friends was one of the best experiences we had! Despite only being in the animal shelter for five days, there are plenty of memories that we have created with our friends. One of the memories is when we took turns walking the dog alongside the perimeters of the shelter and some of the dogs were a bit more … stubborn (one of the dogs went up the stairs and sat there for 10 minutes after someone called him chunky when his name was Arnie). Another memory some of us will cherish very dearly is the countless lunchtimes spent playing with two specific dogs, Mango and Horlicks, who were very good boys.

Moreover, we also helped out around the shelter and did tasks such as cleaning the cages, refilling the water bowls and much more as they were lacking volunteers that could help out. Unfortunately, despite a dog’s diet needing to be full of meat, vegetables and multiple vitamins & minerals, most of them could only get a mixture of chicken and kibble due to a shortage of funds which isn’t healthy for the dogs in the long term. Thus, we urge people to donate blankets, toys and money to Sai Kung Stray Friends or help out by volunteering. In fact, you could even foster them, let them stay with you for a few days or adopt them and give the dogs a forever-loving home.”

Written by Manvi Bhargav 11N and Cordia Chiu 11N