13 Mar 2024

IS Dance Show Team Competes in Dance World Cup

Dance World Cup invites private dance schools, which are known to be described as “the best quality children and youths dance competition in the World” and the “Olympics of dance”. With well known judges and competitions held in the genres of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Song and Dance, Street/Hip Hop and National, they cater for all dance schools around the world.

With Miss Kawano establishing a prominent Dance team at Island School, they were formally invited to participate in the Dance World Cup Qualifying Match Hong Kong. They competed in the “Commercial” category. 

In total, 27 students participated and competed. They met once a week to rehearse from the end of August until the end of January. 

A member of the team noted that they were “incredibly excited” and “happy to be there.” They have shown remarkable resilience, dedication and passion, and really highlighted their tight-knitted togetherness, practicing and providing moral support to each other pre-show. The team reflects that “the DWC has given them a sight on what we’re up against, and we’re sure to work up to it.”