13 Mar 2024

Island School wins awards at HSBC X JA 

The IS student company ‘Zester’ participated in the JA Innovation Pop-up at K11 Art Mall on 10th March.

Out of 1,800 participants, the team of 24 Year 12 students won both the ‘Best Offering Champion’ and ‘Most Popular’ awards. These awards were given for product uniqueness, quality, positive impact on the environment, benefits to society and the use of technology. By the end of the day, they sold over 70 units of their product.

This marked a major milestone for the company, which has spent the last 5 months developing, marketing and producing their product, an SDG-based card game which raises awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals and builds soft-skills like empathy and communication. Aside from selling to students and mall customers, the company has worked with different companies and schools to use their card game as an educational resource. All profits made will go to Island School Trust.