17 Mar 2022

Inter-house Debate Tournament, week 2 update

Week 2 of the Inter-House Debate Tournament engenders greater excitement in the Island School community as the finals round approaches. On 14 and 16 March, Year 9-12 students across all houses debated the following motions:

  • THS population control in developing countries
  • In countries where compulsory military service for men exists, THBT feminists should advocate for the similar conscription of women.

Information about the style and formatting of the debates can be found in this recording and these slides.

The current standings for houses are as follows:

Participants shared their thoughts on the debates during the week.

Angus Leung (11N), Nanny House debate representative, “This competition allowed me to further enhance my debating skills, I was able to learn from top debaters in Island School as well.”

“Each round is addressed with an atmosphere of competitiveness and professionalism which is quite impressive,” said Isabelle Woo (10W).

Alexandra Lai (10W) also found inter-house debate exciting, and hope Wilberforce remains in first for the rest of the competition!

“Everyone is very supportive and encouraging which I think serves an important role when it comes to working as a team,” explained Katrina Hon (10R), Ride House debate representative.

Teams will be competing next Monday in an impromptu debate round. The two teams will the highest cumulative scores will then compete for the Championship this year in the Finals Round.

Wishing all teams best of luck in their upcoming debates.

For more information, please feel free to contact Debate & Public Speaking Club Leaders: Mr Darryl Hood (darryl.hood@online.island.edu.hk), Charlie Lam (12E) (charlie.lam@online.island.edu.hk) and Sam Hui (12W) (tszhin.hui@online.island.edu.hk).