17 Mar 2022

Meet the Student Ambassadors 2022-23

Student Ambassadors are the faces of the school, representing Island School in internal and external events. They meet school visitors and take guests on tours around campus as required. They help organise events and greet visitors to those events. Student Ambassadors provides students with the leadership opportunities to serve the school community and to shape the vibrancy and richness of their school life.

Led by the Head Students Angela Chen (12D), Charlie Lam (12E), Fiorelli Wong (12R) and Sam Hui (12W), the Ambassador Team will embody the spirit and values of Island School, through leading by example and acting as role models for younger students. Ambassadors will demonstrate and enact all aspects of the Island School Code and encourage others to live up to these values and aspirations.

Year 12 Ambassadors: Samrin Momani, Yi Yen Chan, Joseph Lau, Leyla Bauti (Da Vinci), Pearl Ghevariya, Ady Lam, William Spencer, James Johnson (Einstein), Shaurya Mutha, Tricia Leung, Marco Pirie, Natalie Shiu (Fleming), Chloe Ho, Janice Yip, Jai Mirpuri, Ethan Tse (Nansen), Wilson Siu, Abigail Ho, Osbert Wong, Anakin Teahan (Rutherford), Rocio Tripodoro, Alexander Bray, Hans Yang, Anne van Duinen (Wilberforce).

Year 10 Ambassadors: Gemma Kim, Eric So, Luciano Suen, Peter Yoon (Da Vinci), Andy Chan, Tony Lam, Maya Hong (Einstein), Caspar Ho, Andrew Chan, Natasha Deltheil, Nathan Soo (Fleming), Kylie Tam, Emily Chan, Mei Goto, Maddie Tsai (Nansen), Natalie Ng, Hannah Lam, Yee Ka Lau, Katrina Hon (Rutherford), Isabelle Woo, Jamie Lee, Evan Zhang, Alexandra Lai (Wilberforce).

Year 8 Ambassadors: Aarav Mishra, Annabella Yang, Audrey Lee, Maksym Popov (Da Vinci), Taiyeb Ebrahim, Sophia Sun, Ella (Chung Yin) Chan, Harper Bradley (Einstein), Tom Bradley, Ethan Kwok, Hannah Milner-Barry, Kate Chan (Fleming), Anson Chiu, Sophie Lee, Chloe Mair, Osbert Lau (Nansen), Jayden Yuen, Cheryl Kwok, Jeremy Yau, Sakurako Watanabe (Rutherford), Freddy Lepine, Rachel Ng, Audrey Kan, Arial Jang (Wilberforce).