17 Mar 2022

Junior Phase merit winners, 18 March

This week we are celebrating our first Platinum award winner Chung Yin Chan from 8E who is currently on 91 Merits. This is an incredible achievement indeed. Chung Yin will receive a special award from Mr. Loggie as soon as we return to campus.

We have a staggering 20 students who have achieved a gold merit award this week, congratulations to

7D: Samuel Chan, Mali Tan, Stephanie Lowe, Cassandra Razon
7E: Kelsi Chan, Minjoon Kim
7F: Renee Wan, Amelie Schulz
7R: Argus Chan
7W: Michelangelo Schiavo, Shunji Lam, Kaylee Tam, Jordan Abbott
8D: Tiara John, Cheuk Wing Elina Lee
8E: Liam Wong, Evan Lau
8R: Chloe Leung
8W: Zhejun Anders, Giulia Soprani

Silver and bronze winners are not to be forgotten. Well done for all your hard work and effort getting to this level so far this year.