8 Oct 2021

Inter-House Clothing Collection Drive: Donate your unwanted clothes!

This year Island School will be taking part in the Get Redressed Clothing Drive, Hong Kong’s largest clothing drive hosted by local environmental charity, Redress. The clothing drive is part of Get Redressed Month, a city-wide campaign that tackles the issue of clothing waste.

Did you know? Hong Kong sends around 170 tonnes of unwanted clothing to landfill daily, equivalent in weight to around 1.2 million t-shirts a day! But many of these clothes that are condemned to trash could actually be reused or recycled.

Redress’ clothing drives makes it easy and transparent for you to give your unwanted clothes a new life. The clothes collected by Redress will be carefully sorted and redistributed locally for REUSE by a network of 20+ local charities including Impact HK, Pathfinders, Crossroads and Refugee Union, RESALE by Redress to promote secondhand fashion in HK and raise funds to support Redress’ work, or RECYCLING by Redress’ partners.

Give clothes a new life!

To support this great initiative and to give a little more incentive we are turning this collection drive at Island School into an Inter-House competition! From 18th to 28th October students can drop of your unwanted clothing items in a designated box in your House office. The House that collects the most items of clothing will be crowned the winner of the competition!

Please take some time to sort through your wardrobes and drop off your unwanted mens, womens and childrens clothes.

Items accepted: all clothing and fashion accessories for men, women and children.

Items not accepted: shoes, school uniforms, work uniforms, any mouldy items, and home textiles. Please remember to wash the clothes before donating!

For more information about Get Redressed Month:

>> VISIT the Redress website.

>> LEARN more about the impact fashion has on the environment.

>> FIND OUT what happens to your donated clothes.

>> SHOP for secondhand clothes in Hong Kong.

>> FOLLOW Redress on Instagram @GetRedressed to check out all the latest information about this year’s campaign!