8 Oct 2021

Debate Warriors Triumph in Inter-ESF Debate Competition

A massive congratulations to the Island School Debate representatives who performed exceptionally at the Inter-ESF Junior Debate Competition on the 4th October.

The annual competition challenged Year 7-9 students to deliver persuasive speeches on a range of prepared and impromptu motions. Both Island School’s teams (team A and B) tackled challenging topics such as abolishing physical cash for a cashless society, removing gender restrictions on all competitions for non-contact sports and supporting parents to install spyware on their children’s electronic devices!

Despite this being the junior students’ first-ever debate experience with just over a month of training, the teams did well, achieving 5th and 6th place overall.

Seung June Yoon (7F) and Bobby Li (7E) achieved an excellent 2nd and 9th place overall out of all of the participants.

“Joining the debate team is a great experience! I enjoyed the chance to work with others and I hope to join many more competitions in the future. Thank you to Year 12 students Sam, Charlie, Hannah and Alexandra for their support before and during the competition,” said Bobby Li.

Seung June Yoon expressed his excitement about joining his first official debate experiences. “I enjoyed this event enormously. We will work hard to perform even better next time with our teammates.”

Bobby Li (7E) and Seung June Yoon (7F) achieved fantastic personal results. Well done!

Charlie Lam (12E), Head of the Debate & Public Speaking Club said, “We are so happy with the performance of every single member. Huge thank you to Mr. Hood for organising, preparing and inspiring the Island School team!”

The Island School teams:

Team 1: Seung June Yoon (7F), Bobby Li (7E), Kailey Chan (7N), Nicholas Chan (7R)

Team 2: Vijay Narayanan (9F), Alicia Liu (9N), Cassy Wu (7F), Abhinay Sarma (7W), and Jason Ying (7D)

The team were ably supported by their reserves: Nicholas Tsang (9E) and Halle Cha (7D).

Students supporters:  Alexandra Lai (10W), Katrina Hon (10R), Hannah Wu (11D), Isabelle Woo (10W).

Debate & Public Speaking Club is held every Monday online by Mr Darryl Hood, Charlie Lam (12E) and Sam Hui (12W).