7 Oct 2021

Hilary Talks to UN About Mental Health in Schools

At the UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) conference, held on 18 September 2021, Hilary Li (13W) spoke about mental health in global education systems, on behalf of the Youth Advisory Council.

Hilary is part of various youth-led organisations – so she reached out to her peers in Australia, UK, Indonesia and Hong Kong, for their insight into how mental health in schools is considered. She concluded that some education systems have yet to acknowledge the importance of mental health and how impactful schools are when ensuring well-being. 

“The reason I’m very passionate about this issue (Sustainable Development Goal 4- Quality Education) is because good mental health is the utmost important factor to being the best person we can be. If the education systems could do the slightest thing to support their students even further, I’m certain it would be beneficial,” said Hilary.

The event  was held in collaboration with ITS Education Asia and KIDsforSDGs, to celebrate the launch of the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia Programme.