25 Mar 2022

Inter-House Debate: The Grand Finals

Middle Phase students watched the Grand Finals of the Inter-House Debate during Thrive on Thursday, 24 March 2022.

Over the past two weeks, all six houses participated in 30 heated debates on topics ranging from esports to population control to future technology in Island School’s Inter-House Debate Tournament. Judges were incredibly impressed by the creativity and teamwork showcased by students. Fleming (proposition) and Wilberforce (opposition), the two highest-ranking teams (), advanced to the Grand Finals for a showdown. Team members of the four other houses proposed and voted on a motion.

24 hours before the debate, both teams received the impromptu motion of THW only allow those who pass a political awareness exam to vote. During Thrive, both teams debated impassionately and critically dissected key arguments.

Mr Darryl Hood, Inter-House Debate Competition organiser, said, “It’s been a great competition this year. The final standings were very close, and both teams [Fleming and Wilberforce] were excellent throughout and provided a great spectacle for the rest of the school on Zoom.

It takes a huge amount of courage to speak in front of a large audience and engage in a complex discussion, particularly considering they had only received the motion and their stance just a day beforehand. Their maturity, insight and passion shine through the whole competition.”

Congratulations to Team Fleming, who narrowly won the final debate. A truly spectacular performance by both teams!

Fleming Team

Wilberforce Team