25 Mar 2022

Amplifying Social Action Through Debate & Public Speaking

Teaming up with Island School’s Social Action Group, students in Debate & Public Speaking Club have been celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion in a series of debates as part of Social Action Women’s Week and Diversity Week on 14 March and 21 March 2022.

Led by Mr Darryl Hood, Sam Hui (12W) and Charlie Lam (12E), Debate & Public Speaking Club strives to amplify student agency through fostering their talent in communication and public speaking techniques. Students have also considered the importance of respecting and embracing diverse opinions and what it means to be critical and creative thinkers. They attended workshops to further their understanding of what it means to be a confident speaker.

To celebrate society’s diversity, on 14 March, students explored the motion, “To enhance equality and inclusion, THW mandate companies to have women in at least half of their senior positions”, raising awareness of the inequalities women face in the workplace. Furthermore, on 21 March, they then examined the motion, “THW change Island School’s House names permanently in the pursuit of diversity, inclusion and equity”, exploring the achievements of different figures in history.

Sam Hui (12W), Head of Debate & Public Speaking Club said, “We wanted to run this debate to focus on the significant topics of inequality in the workplace and celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion. Island School is a place where diversity, equality and inclusion are celebrated. This debate endeavours to bring students behind a common goal: ensuring open-mindedness and communication about the challenges women face and developing a mechanism for communities to find solutions.

We are incredibly proud of running this activity for students to understand more about these groups in society, empowering them to take active steps towards a bigger picture of making the world a better place. ”

Ms Maryanne McPhee, Head of Individuals & Societies and Social Action Committee also commented: “Dialogue and debate is key to addressing issues of inequality and it is great to see Debate & Public Speaking Club engaging in this issue of gender equality in the workplace. Thanks to the leaders of this club for continuing to raise issues of inequality as part of your focus.”