25 Mar 2022

Island School Debaters Shine in Junior SDC

Two Island School teams participated in the JSDC competition on Saturday, 19 March. Both teams put their communication skills into action and engaged in high-level debate.

With topics ranging from the benefits of the Euro to the ethics of broadcasting suicide, debaters critically dissected arguments and defended their team’s stance. Members of the Island School Debate Team collaborated seamlessly with one another and shared creative ideas. This was a valuable learning experience for the Junior Team, as they exchanged ideas with students across the city.

The Heads of Debate & Public Speaking Club adjudicated in the competition.

The Island School teams:

Team 1: Alexandra Lai (10W), Kailey Chan (7N), Seung June Yoon (7F), Vijay Narayanan (9F)

Team 2: Katrina Hon (10R), Cyrus Ng (10F), Nicholas Tsang (9E), Abhinay Sarma (7W), Minjoon Kim (7E)

Adjudicators: Mr Darryl Hood, Charlie Lam (12E), Sam Hui (12W)

Both teams achieved incredible results in the competition, with many impressive wins. Island School Team 2 in fact ranked Top 10 in the entire event.

“We are so proud of the IS Junior Debate Team! On behalf of myself, Sam and Mr. Hood, we were dazzled by the commitment and dedication of all team members!” said Charlie, Head of the Debate and Public Speaking Club.

Sam Hui added, “A huge congratulations to both teams for representing the school in one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious debate competitions. All debaters delivered their case clearly and passionately, providing excellent and thorough insight into their motion. This has again proven the talents of Islanders in public speaking!”

Well done to all those who participated in the competition.