3 Mar 2022

HERstories, a creative showcase announcement

Following the temporary house name changes activity earlier, the Girls Rising and Social Action Teams is organising HERstories, a creative showcase in preparation for the Women’s Week on 14-18 March.

Echoing this year’s theme, “Break the Bias” – to break the stereotypes our modern society places on women. We invite all students to submit a piece of creative media that expresses their own experience with gendered roles and expectations. You can submit any forms of creative media such as poetry, dramatic readings, song covers, recorded video, and more. We want you to express your stories freely and openly without the pressures of judgment, so you can upload yours anonymously. Amplifying your voices in championing the overturning of societal gender norms is a vital part of enriching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Island School, and your stories are a massive leap forward in making Island School an even more inclusive community.

All collected pieces will be published daily during Women’s Week from International Women’s Day onwards (8-18 March) on Island School’s brand new news magazine Island Currents, and has the potential to be showcased on many other ESF platforms.

Submit your piece via this link. Submission deadline: Sunday, 6 March.

Questions? You can reach us at isgirlsrising@gmail.com, or contact Ms Coull and Ms McPhee.

Take this important opportunity to open up and share your story.

Girls Rising & Women’s Week Organising Committee