10 Mar 2022

Inter-house Debate Tournament, week 1 update

This year’s Inter-House Debate Tournament has begun. On Monday and Wednesday, the 7th – 9th March this week, Year 9-12 students across all houses debated the following motions:

  • THBT e-sports should be included in the Olympics
  • THW remove gifted and talented education

Information about the style and formatting of the debates can be found in this recording and these slides.

The current standings for houses are as follows:

Place House Score
1st Ride (Rutherford) 265
2nd Fry (Fleming) 258
3rd Wai-sze (Wilberforce) 257
=4th Dangarembga & Nanny

(Da Vinci and Nansen)

5th Ebadi (Einstein) 224


Wishing all teams the best of luck in their upcoming debates!

For more information, please feel free to contact Debate & Public Speaking Club Leaders: Mr Darryl Hood (darryl.hood@online.island.edu.hk), Charlie Lam (charlie.lam@online.island.edu.hk) and Sam Hui (tszhin.hui@online.island.edu.hk).