23 Feb 2022

Canadian International School HK SDG Summit 2022

Hosted by The Canadian International School of Hong Kong’s (CDNIS) Global Goals Clubs Council (GGC), all students are invited to sign up for the upcoming HK SDG Summit on 12 March 2022, which aims to provide a unique platform for presenting and collaborating among students, educators and NGO’s in Hong Kong.

Programme highlights include keynote presentations from Sonali Figueiras, founder of Green Queen, and Melati Wijsen, founder of Youthtopia: Circle of Youth. Expert panel discussions and workshops will also feature some of Hong Kong’s most prominent NGOs and youth-led organisations (of which one of our students will be speaking) with a focus on the importance of community partnerships for successful sustainable development in the areas of Planet, Prosperity, People, Peace and Partnerships. Each of the featured NGOs as well as ITS Education will also be offering a unique hands-on experience/simulation/service opportunity for participants.

If you are interested, please sign up here. You can also visit the Summit website for more information and follow the CDNIS GGC Instagram for updates on the Summit.

Please contact Sam Hui (tszhin.hui@online.island.edu.hk) if you need any further information.