3 Nov 2017

Assistant Facilities Officer


Responsible to ensure the building and grounds of the school are kept in a good state of repair. Work closely with the Facilities Officer, support the Facilities Officer on all site management issues related to site operation, planning and management such as cleaning, site security, staff management, gardening, site repairs and maintenance, outside hiring, site set up and dismantling, etc.
• To act as the initial contact for all matters related to school’s site and facilities.
• To supervise cleaning staff to ensure cleanliness of the school site is up to standard.
• To supervise gardening staff to ensure all landscape to be maintained up to standard.
• To supervise security staff to ensure doors to be unlocked in the morning and to be locked up in the evening on a daily basis.
• To supervise and manage minor repairs and maintenance on site.
• To liaise and help monitoring contractors on school building repair and maintenance works.
• To supervise and help with relocating school furniture and equipment on site.
• To supervise and help with venue setup and dismantling for lesson, school and related events.
• To help monitoring, liaision, planning and preparation work related to outside hiring of school premises, facilities and resources.
• To ensure adequate stock levels of supplies are held for general operations and to monitor the usage of consumables and update record.
• To monitor and keep updated record of the storage of school furniture, equipment and school property.
• To check all classrooms, teaching areas and facilities on a regular basis.
• To conduct regular site walk and identify possible health and safety hazards and to discuss solutions with Facilities Officer.
• To perform other duties and assumes accountabilities as apparent or as delegated.


  • Secondary education.
    • 3 years of relevant working experience required. Preferable in site and facilities management.
    • Fluency in oral, written English, Cantonese
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and organizational skills.
    • Ability to solve problems and to work independently.
    • Ability to follow up on issues proactively.

    Applicants must be a permanent Hong Kong resident or possess a valid visa to work in Hong Kong.

Closing Date: 09 Nov 2017

For enquiries, please contact Betty Tsu at +852 2524-7135 or school@online.island.edu.hk