19 Jun 2023

A.I. Racing Competition

Congratulations to Valerie Fung (10W) and Natalie Fung (8DT) for competing in their team “JetBug” in the “AI Competition Formula Edge 2022” which took place in December of this school year.

The competition is about using AI to train mini race cars to follow roads by themselves and using autonomous driving on the competition track trying not to bump into other competitors’ cars. The cars are based on an open-source project JetRacer, which is an autonomous AI racecar using NVIDIA Jetson Nano. For the design, they opted for a red and black spray painting of a ladybug design for both their mini rare cars Tamiya M-06 VW Beetle (1967) and TT-02 New Beetle (1997).

They have achieved the following rewards:

JetRacer Category (Advanced Class) – Third Place (2nd runner-up)

JetRacer Fastest Lap Award

JetRacer Best Design Award

JetRacer Outstanding Team Logo