21 Jun 2023

Spanish Speech Festival

At the 7th annual ESF Spanish Speech Festival “El Festival de recitado español“, on the 20 June, Island School was named winner, narrowly squeaking a victory in front of West Island School and KGV who finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The final scores were Island School 114 points, West Island School 112 points and KGV 111 points. The competition challenges students to deliver poems and short plays with accurate Spanish pronunciation, intonation and entertaining delivery. A special mention to the Island School students who won their categories: Seung June Yoon in Year 8 who won the individual category, and the duo of Marylou Lomastro and Greta Stanbridge who won the pairs competition. The judges said that it was particularly difficult to separate the competitors this year and that the level of Spanish was very high. This was the first time that the annual festival has been held since 2019. We look forward to competing in next year’s festival.