21 Jan 2016

Young Post features Island School’s writers and bloggers

The founder of photoblog Humans of Hong Kong Devain Doolaramani in Year 13 at Island School has been featured in the South China Morning Post – Young Post in an article written by Year 9 student Daanyal Ebrahim.

In the article Daanyal explains that the inspiration for Humans of Hong Kong came from the Humans of New York photoblog which documents and shares the unique stories of it citizens.

Devain Doolaramani lived in New York for 16 years, when his family relocated to Hong Kong, he wanted to see whether the HoNY concept would work here, too.

Daanyal writes;
In October 2014, he [Devain] proposed the idea of “Humans of Island School” to his school’s Students’ Union as a way to spread school spirit.
After four months, this had grown to Scholars of Hong Kong, showcasing the talents, interests and hobbies of local students.
In April 2015, Humans of Hong Kong was born. Devain founded the Facebook page to encourage others to share their unique, real-life stories and views.

Click here to read the article online, published on the 5th January 2016